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Developers, Designers, Project Mangers, Product Managers, Business & Finance Experts, Customer Support and more

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John, USA

Iam a PHP Developer since 2016 in a Data Company.I have a experience of two years

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Chris Remshaw, United States

Chris is a hands-on architect and developer with many years of experience with companies large and small. With a proven record of customer satisfaction, efficiency, and solution longevity, he is experienced with a variety of languages .

ABAP   Perl   Java   Sql  
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Gabriel Jenik, United States

Gabriel has 15 years of experience in the tech industry, ranging from developer to account manager. He is motivated by challenges that make him search, discover, and learn new concepts.

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Paulo Fierro, USA

Paulo is a senior iOS engineer with a passion for making high-quality iOS apps. He has been building apps since 2009, working with startups as well as large enterprise clients and won awards, been featured by Apple as well as reached the top of the App Store charts.

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Dave Aronson, United States

Dave has over three decades of software development experience in a wide variety of languages, fields, techniques, etc. Now he mostly does Ruby (for security software and Rails back-ends), but he is also skilled in Python, C, Elixir, and much more. He can also mentor your developers and advise on processes and tools, and is a skilled speaker and trainer.

Adobe Photshop   Web Design   Adobe Illustrator   Mobile App Design   Adobe After Effects Designers  

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